Unbreakable Encryption and Text Editor

Encryption Software to Protect Your Personal Information

Can Also Perform File to File Encryptionon Any File Type
Use Anything as a Password

Easy to use. Wide range of security from simple to unbreakable encryption using up to 3 layers of encryption.

The user also has control over what level of security they desire.

Level 1: User can use simple passwords up to 4 passwords and 4 combination numbers for extreme security.

Level 2:  No matter how simple the passwords, requires an attacker to use brute force of 10253  or 2842 password attempts to unlock. That is all the computers in the world running for way longer than the age of the universe.

Level 3. Simply Unbreakable.

Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

This software is more than a password wallet!

1. It is a Text Editor retrieving and storing encrypted information.

2. It allows any file to be encrypted or decrypted to another file.

3. It will overwrite hard-drive files before delete. It can process the entire directory if needed.

4. It can read any binary file and display the contents.

United States Patent Pending

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