Production Equipment

Welcome to a small sample of some of our production equipment. From corporate video shoots to TV shows, commercials, and independent film making, we got you covered from pre-production to post-production with our in-house equipment, experience, and talent.

We are an Independent filmmaker also. 

In addition, we produce corporate and TV programming with our video production team. Contact us about your needs.


Some of the equipment we use in video production:


  • 8K Epic-W and 4K Scarlet-X Red Cinema Cameras with Carl Zeiss 35mm Otus and Classical primes and Canon L series zooms.
  • HD ENG PANASONIC AG-HPX370 camera with P2 cards.
  • HD ENG JVC GY-HD100UA camera with JVC 100GB harddrive and AB battery mount
  • Canon 5D Mark3 and Mark4 cameras.
  • Libec RS-450M tripod and LIbec RS-350M tripod
  • Dana Dolly with mitchell base, tracks and 75mm and 100mm bowls
  • Libec Swift 50 portable Jib/crane kit with dolly, rubber feet, and mid level spreader
  • E-Image 7103H 100mm fluid head and tripod
  • Ambient ACN-LS Lockit timecode Slate and 2 Lockit generators for Camera and Audio recorder. Colorcheckers.
  • Sennheiser MKH50 P48 and AudioTechnica BP4071 Shotgun microphone on various K-tek boom poles with Rode Blimp and Wombats.
  • Shure SM-81 microphones and a BETA 87A microphone
  • Sound Devices MixPre-10T digital audio recorder. Orca-30 Sound Bag. Tascam DR-680, digital audio recorder and DR-100 digital recorder.
  • 3 Sennheiser G3 wireless systems with Countryman lav kits. 

  •  2-6400K 575watt HMI Fresnels, 2-4100k 150watt CDM Fresnels, 3-5600k 220watt KinoFlo lights, 3-IKAN Lyra 1x1 LED Lights. 4 ETC sourcefour  ellipsoid lights with DMX dimmer controllers, 
  • Steadicam Zephyr stabilized camera mount with AB battery mount and Marshall HD-SDI high brightness monitor and on screen level indicators
  • RT Motions MK3.1 remote follow focus with Latitude control for Steadicam and jib use
  • Kenyon KS-6 Gyro Kit for stabilized shooting in windy conditions when using Steadicam

  • Cinegear 600MP and IDK HD-SDI wireless transmitter/receiver for DP monitoring with a 28 inch 4K monitor.
  • Sekonic L-758Cine lightmeter and C-700-U colormeter.
  • DJI Matrice 600 Pro Drone with Ronin MX Gimbal Stabilizer. Red camera package ready.
  • State of the Art computers for editing and computer animation. Our servers have over 48TB of contiguous high speed RAID storage for your project needs. We are able to edit 8K productions and offer DCP and other delivery formats.

For photometric data on our lights: Lighting Data

High Definition Production

For HD broadcasts and commercials, we use Panasonic's AG-HPX370 which gives us recording at 100Mbit/sec AVC-Intra at 10bit 4:2:2 color full HiDEF and NTSC and PAL capability for US and International use. For more technical information see: Altruism Media Quality