Ronnie Michael - Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Our mission is to provide the best quality production using a full service team dedicated to the technical and artistic aspects of cinema production.

Ron Michael started shooting film photography in 1972 and spent considerable time working with the various aspects of lighting, composition, manual photography, and film development. In 1982, Ron began to work with video cameras and recording equipment. By 1990, he added Steadicam, non-linear editing, computer animation, and the start of digital photography to his business. This passion is seen today as Ron continues to work in the field of visual arts with the latest digital cinema equipment and production. He has been in a Warner Bros production and filmed various TV and film productions in LA and Houston. He is a member of the Steadicam Operators Association (SOA).

In addition, Ron has been a consultant for the Cullen College of Engineering at University of Houston regarding his research work in holography and lasers, and is also a commercial helicopter pilot.
Ariel Michael - Photographer, Camera Operator, Editor
Ariel Michael has worked as a professional photographer and videographer since 2012 in aerial, action, commerical, and event photography. She continues her ongoing work for her various model and commercial clients. Ariel also recently worked with humanitarian organizations such as Operation USA and Homeless Activist Ted Hayes in LA. Besides acting for various films and TV shows, her ongoing skill in martial arts has also landed her stunt work in Los Angeles.